More Gaming, Less Traveling

It’s been a difficult period lately. I have been traveling much less with my girlfriend for the past few months, even years. She isn’t terribly satisfied with the whole situation of course. She just wants to travel more. I understand that. But that’s it, we have to deal with it. No use crying over spilled milk.

With all the extra free time not spent traveling, I’ve been gaming a lot lately. It’s just that – it’s SO easy to get lost in the games made by Sid Meier (I wrote one of my very first blog posts about him). I mean, he makes genius award-winning games that sure know how to get a gamer hooked.

Lately, I’ve dedicated a lot of attention to his Civilization franchise – the last 3 parts of it to be specific. Of course, the very first one I started checking out is the latest Civilization 6, especially since it released its final content pack weeks ago. Being the newest game it looks cooler than all the others before it, of course. All the new additions to the game make it just so much more fun too. I mean they introduced rock bands in-game. Can you get any cooler than that?

Though I have to say I still played Civilization 5 and 4 a lot, too. Though older, 5 still retains a cool outlook, and it just has so many mods that I’ve been playing around with a lot. The community has been at work creating mods for it for 10 years, something which is not the case for Civilization 6 – there are still very few mods for it and you’re left with playing the vanilla version most of the time.

Now Civilization 4, even though it’s the most dated of them all, is a game I still have a special respect for. I mean I’ve been gaming for literal decades now, not like I mind low graphics or anything. And Civ4 is just so modable, literally a 15 year old could tamper with the game files and create a unique scenario – let alone a techie like me! I’ve been having tons of fun with that, not gonna lie.

Anyway, after prolonged periods of gaming, I have to say: you’d be surprised how much you sweat just by sitting there, on your chair, gaming. Especially if you get carried away and excited about the game. Luckily for me, I can shower anytime I want because I have non-stop hot water. It’s one of the many benefits of owning a tankless water heater, though I have to say it can be a bit tricky when it comes to its maintenance – at least compared to tank water heaters, that is.

That’s it for this post. I hadn’t posted in a very long time. Might post again in the future, we’ll see.

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