Fish Where the Fish are

I got a top rated fish finder as a gift. Now that is something different! I suppose one day I really will want to search for fish. For the moment, however, it makes me think for more conceptually and abstractly. The saying, “fish where the fish are,” may well apply to the sport, but it also has a generic meaning for me. In life, when we want to have certain encounters and experiences, we have to seek them in the right places. You don’t go to Alaska for sunbathing or Tahiti to ski. If you want lots of crab and salmon, you do go to Alaska.

Knowing the ropes for whatever you do makes success and fulfillment more plausible. We all strive for happiness and gratification. You don’t just find it under a rock. You have to seek in order to find. This applies uniquely to people. If you want good friends, and not acquaintances, you opt for shared activities like favorite sports or hobbies. Perhaps you embrace religion or a club. In another realm, if you want to learn something new, you find the right venue. Say you want to learn a new language. You will want to practice and find others in the same “boat.” Going where the fish are is about the wisest advice I can think of for most everyone. We don’t live in a vacuum.

I am told that with fishing, it is a no brainer. You go to popular places for a reason and you get what you expect. You want the tried and true, not the remote and implausible. Such is life in general. There are those who desire a challenge, but most of us want to have an easier time of reaching our goals by going with the typical flow. We might need our own “fish finder” for certain life events, but usually the path is apparent. Seeking a relationship is an area of great concern for youth for example. They go online to dating sites and they frequent bars and clubs. They go for known entities in their quest. You can get lucky, of course, and find anything and everything by chance, but why not give yourself an edge.

Asking others for help is clearly the right road when you first start out. I don’t care if it is fly-fishing or speed dating. Learning a new sport, going on a diet, joining an acting company—whatever—means camaraderie and a team spirit. People are social animals, even if it is from a smart phone. In every society, the methods are prescribed. One of the great responsibilities of living abroad is to adopt the culture. When you first arrive, you don’t know where the fish are at all. You acclimate and accommodate over time and soon you are guiding others!

So remember the wise words above and set your sight on a goal, whether it is a new friend, lover, fishing experience, or college degree. Enter the proven world and find great joy in your accomplishments.

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