Determining what is running on your computer


Ever notice after you buy your computer it runs so fast but in a few months it take forever to do anything?

You are a victim of Creep Crud, or CC for short. You computer has so much stuff loaded that it bogs down the performance.

If you go on the Internet websites add all kind of stuff to you machine to. Even without you noticing it.

There is a couple of ways you see what’s Happening and get you computer back to its former speed.

Open up Task Manager. Right Click on the bar at the lower part of your screen and fire it up.

You should see a screen that list Applications and other tabs that give you other information.
Click on the Tab marked processes. Check the little box that says, “show all processes.”

Now you get a bewildering number of often-cryptic programs running. I select one of the other tabs like memory to reorganize the mess to see who is hogging memory.

If your read E-Books you will probably see ACRORd32.exe which is your Adobe reader.
Next you might see something like “chrome.exe”, or “firefox.exe” or “iexplore.exe”. These are your web browsers.

Now it starts getting weird, many of the processes will list your login name as owner. You need to really lo look at these ones. Read the descriptions at the right to decode what the things are doing.
If you don’t recognize the package loaded write down its name to look up later on the Internet.
If it doesn’t have any description Flag it as well. Don’t end any of the processes.

If you do you can make bad juju for yourself and your computer will crash if you end the wrong one.

Best if you’re are not sure what’s What drop me a line and I will let you know what it does and is used for or Google it.

You can also spend some bucks and buy a Tune-up kit.

AVG has a nice one called oddly enough PC TuneUp but you can choose what you like. AVG combines this with their already famous Virus protection package and you can run both at the same time which will eliminate viruses before they eliminate you. I believe in using these kinds of packages as I have seen and demonstrated to clients what happens without them.

So far after 15 years no one has disagreed yet. after seeing what a virus can do to unprotected machines. AVG lets you use their Virus product for 30 days and their PC “TuneUp” for free for 15 days. You can learn a lot about you computers habits by running it before you decide to buy.

After you install it and Fire it up you give you a screen with 4 selection panes. Maintenance, PC Performance, PC Health and Rescue Center. Run Maintenance FIRST. You may be surprised at what you see.

You will probably see your Registry has problems. You will see lots of wasted disk space. Your web browser Temp folder probably hasn’t be cleaned since you got the machine. Your disk is probably Fragmented too.

Don’t panic!

What all means is that Windows doesn’t cleanup after itself too well. Let Maintenance do its thing. This alone will almost always make your PC run like it’s almost brand new.

In one of my next posts I will go into how to get your PC to purr like a kitten and run like a race car.

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