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Termites In My Man Cave

I have what I dubbed my man cave, my state of the art garden shed. However I have never really been one for gardening so it has never been a shed full of things that you would expect to find in there, such as a spade, digging fork, or a shovel. About the only traditional thing about my shed turned man cave is that it is made of wood. Being made of wood is something that has become a problem I was not expecting. I like having all my computer equipment in the shed, as it is my cave away from everything else.

The man cave is everything that a computer techie in their mid-thirties like myself could ever want from a refuge from the things I want to stay away from. As I have got my computers in there it is the place where I keep myself connected to the world wide web, and also a place I can write on my blogs in peace and quiet. Well it does not have to be in quiet as I can play my favorite music, or watch my all-time favorite movies in there should I want to.

My shed has everything in it to make it my ideal man cave. It has got full air conditioning in it, so it can be cooler than my house actually is during a summer heatwave. I even got myself a small fridge to fit into my man cave, so there are my favorite ice cold drinks to hand when I want them. All in all I have come to regard my man cave as a shed sized piece of heaven upon Earth. Yet heaven recently came under threat.

My piece heaven in the back garden has been threatened by termites. They have got into my man cave, and they are threatening to destroy it. Unfortunately that is always the possible downside of using buildings, and sheds made of wood. Termites get into wood, and unless you can spot the signs of termite infestation early, they can totally destroy a building. Even if you do detect the presence of termites early, only a qualified pest controller is able to get rid of them. The problem is that hiring the required expertise is expensive, but sometimes I have found it is worth paying more for a high quality service. The issue here is whether or not it is worth doing just that.

Now I have different options as to what happens with my man cave after the termite problem is dealt with by the pest controllers. I could even decide not to use pest controllers at all. I have to balance what I can afford to do to fix the man cave, against how much money I could save by not having it fixed.

I have already searched online to find companies that are capable of treating termites to get free estimates on how much it would cost to do so. All the quotes were remarkably similar in total amounts, ie scary. Now at a pinch I could afford to pay the cost of termite treatment have the shed saved and keep my man cave.

On the other hand I do have enough room in my home to put things from the man cave into it. Now I just have to decide if I should act like the big kid I am by saving the shed, or I can take the financially astute decision of knocking it down and moving all my stuff inside.

I will sleep on it for a couple of days, before letting you know my decision.

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