A Relaxing Long Weekend

I have heard horror stories about travelers who have been mugged or otherwise assailed. It is not a pretty picture. Above all you want to survive intact and not be abducted. Remember the Kim Kardashian Paris story. She was robbed in the safety of her own hotel room. Don’t be caught unaware. My girlfriend feels like this and always carries mace spray. When we recently took a vacation, we had all our personal supplies sent to our hotel. We had ordered them on the Internet from a service we’d found on Facebook and they were in our room upon arrival. You can’t take too many precautions to ensure your safety when away from home – or in your abode as well.

We had a relaxing long weekend because we felt we were out of harm’s way and perfectly protected. It is a comforting thought. So just what is pepper spray? It is so named because cayenne pepper was used in ancient China and Japan, making it certainly the oldest self defense product existing today. I suppose not much has changed. Now it is mixed with filtered water and oleoresin capsicum. This is a substance found in chilies and hot peppers giving them their “heat.” Experts like to recommend pepper spray because it is not deadly, easy to use, and costs little. Police and security professionals attest to its value.

My girlfriend learned about it from a friend who had taken a survival course. Basically, it is sprayed into the face and causes the eyes and nose to burn. It packs a punch! It lasts a quarter of an hour or more. Believe me, from what I have read, it can save your life. The premise is that while the attacker is suffering, you can run and get help. A spray of sufficient intensity is all you need. They come with safety features so the unit will not “go off” unexpectedly. It is small enough to fit in any pocket or backpack, but should be easily accessible when out of your hotel room. It can slip on a belt clip, a keychain, or a holster perhaps.

I didn’t know at first that it comes in a steam, fog or foam format. Steam and foam impart the most of the substance if you are accurate in your aim. If you buy the fog version, it must be strong. There is such a thing as “police strength.” Mace is simply a brand name and you can buy the product you like all over the Internet. At first I thought my girlfriend was a bit skittish, but given that it makes us feel safe, it is well worth the effort to bring it along on every trip we take.

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